A lot to give and a lot to say


Photo Credit: Hannah Burns

Siani Colón is a sophomore at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA majoring in Journalism with a minor in Latin American studies. After years of growing up with a passion for reading, they tried their hand at writing fiction. Eventually, fiction writing was left behind to write about reality after joining their high school newspaper. There, with three years as a reporter and two as editor, did they discover a love for journalism.

They want to empower others with their words. They intend use this space to talk about social issues, identity, culture, entertainment, and personal essays. Siani is currently an editorial fellow for Motivos Magazine and Assistant Director of Engagement for The Temple News.

Sin Vergüenza, translating from Spanish to “without shame”, takes back an insult thrown at those who do not conform to the status quo. This section highlights those who are pursuing a passion, cause, style, or living life without any shame. This is meant to empower those who others look down on with doubt and show that anything is possible, not to give up, and don’t let anyone tell you who you can and cannot be.

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