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Top 4 Self-Care Apps

Top 4 Self-Care Apps


Trying to keep it together can be very difficult. Whether its relationships, education, or jobs, there’s a lot of things to cause stress. The slightest curve ball that comes your way could disrupt how you navigate life. We all reach a moment where we’re overwhelmed and in the midst of that, we have the tendency to spiral down and forget to take care of ourselves.


One issue that prevents many people from practicing self-care is accountability. When we lack self-discipline and don’t hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we’re not likely to change our behaviors. I know when I’m in the lowest of lows, it’s difficult for me to do anything from doing schoolwork to just simply remembering to drink water.


Sometimes people forget. Others procrastinate. A lot of times, we’re just so weighed down we feel discouraged and  feel like we don’t have the ability to do anything.


Taking a break from technology is important for mental health. However, let’s be real. It’s the 21st Century and if you’re a Millennial or Gen Z, it can be difficult to completely unplug. Why not use this technology to your advantage?


I’ve been using some self-care apps to hold myself accountable and encourage me to better myself. Some I’ve been using for a few months, while others have been the past week. Here are my Top 4 Self-Care Apps.


Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is the perfect baby-step to encourage self-care and wellness. The free app sends daily reminders for users to complete activities such as taking medication, moving around, and hydrating yourself. Some may think, “Well, why don’t you just use the built-in reminder app on the iPhone?”


Why I love using Aloe Bud over the simple Reminder App or leaving myself sticky notes everywhere, is that it offers more than just a generic reminder. Aloe Bud is accompanied by cute pixel art for each activity you want to complete. For any activity you select to get reminders for, you even get suggestions on what you can do. It’ll be completed when you check-in.


You can also click the activity card and write a reflection. For example, if you choose “Stimulate”, a reflection question you’d get is “What have you been reading lately?”. You also have access to a log of the dates and times you’ve checked in on an activity. It’s a great way to see how much you’re improving day by day or to see the areas you need to work on.


Another awesome thing about Aloe Bud is that under “Settings”, it links to mental health resources. The organizations are U.S.-based and cover topics such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and more. Some of these resources include the National Suicide Prevention Line, The Trevor Project, and The National Alliance on Mental Health.


The app may have a basic layout, but it’s very user-friendly and easy to use after you first get the hang of it. If you want to practice wellness and need help getting off the ground, Aloe Bud is the perfect start.


If you ever want to unplug but still need help with accountability, Aloe Bud has your back. They have pay-what-you-wish printables available.


Aloe-Bud for iOS:



Aloe Bud is not available for Android but you can support development by becoming a Patron:



Booster Buddy

Booster Buddy is a step-up from reminders. The app has daily check-ins where you select your mood that day, and sends you on “quests” based on how you’re feeling. You select your “buddy”, which can be a bunny, fox, or raccoon. Every day your buddy is asleep and the only way you can wake them up is if you complete your three quests.



These quests can help you prepare for something in the future, or get you moving at the moment. Some quests I’ve received are to message back to friends and family, pick a room and clean it, and search for events happening in the city I may like to go to. When you complete a quest, you earn coins. With these coins you can buy items to accessorize your buddy.


In the library section, you have many different affirmations and activities you can do as coping methods outside of your daily quests. These are available for topics such as oversleeping (or the opposite), anxiety, alcohol and drug use, and general wellness.


Booster Buddy also has you create a Crisis Plan, where you can add contacts to go to in case of a crisis and coping methods. Resources are also linked under “Settings”.



I like Booster Buddy because of the concept of quests.  As someone who has played games for years, I like being able to unlock new clothes, powers, or missions for my characters once I surpass a certain level or complete a quest. Booster Buddy has the same idea of something for you to gain and earn gratification from. There’s also a wide variety of activities for you to accomplish.




Insight Timer

Meditation is a common suggestion to reduce stress, but you may not know where to start if you haven’t tried before.


Insight Timer is a great resource for meditation. The app offers a free library of over 10,000 meditations for users to pick from, as well as music. You can filter guided meditations based on how many minutes you plan on listening, the gender of the voice you want to hear, and whether you want background music.


You can also keep track of how many days you’ve meditated consecutively. If you forget, it’s okay. If you didn’t like the last guided meditation you chose, that’s okay too. You have so many options to choose from.


What I like about this app and meditation as whole is that you can do this alone or with friends. We all need a moment where we clear our heads of all our thoughts, sit still, and just breathe. Find yourself a quiet room, a comfy pillow or seat to sit on, and meditate.




My Water Balance

Water is crucial for our lives. We literally need water to function. Water cleanses us of toxins, helps our brain function, improves our complexion, and has many other benefits.


It shouldn’t take you feeling a dehydration headache to remember it’s time to drink water.


My Water Balance is a simple app that gives you reminders to stay hydrated multiple times each day. The app assigns your daily goal based on your sex, weight, and if you’re training. You can adjust your goal to whatever amount you may like.


As encouragement, the app has achievements such as having the first glass of water, adding three drinks, and learning all the tips about water.  The achievements are another great way to check your progress.


Remember to stay hydrated and if you’re carrying water with you, please use a reusable bottle to help our environment.




No one knows you better than yourself. You know your needs. Everyone’s version of self-care is different. Please remember to treat yourself kindly.


If there’s some apps that you like to use or have self-care tips outside of tech, comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Top 4 Self-Care Apps”

  • i was thinking about download a self-care app just the other day, it’s like you read my mind!
    i found the meditation and water app very interesting and will surely check them out.
    as i was reading your comments about booster budy i kept thinking about how much it reminded me of you and i was pleased to see that you included your soft spot for games in the post hehe
    and by the way, thank you for including download links
    love your writing and hope you keep creating lots of new content in the future ♥

  • This is such a helpful article, and I was surprised that I only recognized one of them; I’ve tried a lot of self care apps, because I’m a big fan of using technology to try and soften some of the stress it can help in creating. Like you said, unplugging can be really important, but there are a lot of really neat tools out there as well. Thank you so much for sharing these apps; I definitely think I’m going to give Aloe Bud a try—the prompted reflections seem like a really neat and useful feature, and it doesn’t hurt that the graphics are so cute!

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